We are a group of Italian and Polish Attorneys-at-law that – having worked in renowned law firms and having grown a noteworthy expertise of cross-border legal disputes – decided to make available to the Client our competence and professionalism in order to solve international disputes.

Our philosophy is easy and straightforward.
Often the Client entrusts foreign law firms to deal with its international litigations, beingthen for long time “kept in the dark” about the state of the case and its peculiarities.
Our aim, our mission is to put the law of the two Countries in contact to the specific needs of the Clients, keeping over time with him the professional and human relationship he should have with a lawyer of his own Country.

We provide legal advice in Italian, Polish, French and English languages through the whole territory of Italy and Poland.

“L’uomo è la misura di tutte le cose: di quelle che sono, per ciò che sono, di quelle che non sono, per ciò che non sono.”



We provide our advice in civil and commercial law, in particular with regard to credit recovery (both in court and out of court) and establishing your business in Poland (company setting up, organising the business activity, licenses and authorisations, settlement on the territory and tax regularisation). Please click on the icons to get more info.


The first step for a fruitful credit recovery is an out of court face off with the debtor. “Out of court” means that no legal proceedings in court will be commenced and it encompasses all activities that does not entail the summon of the debtor before a court

Obviously this is the more convenient path, not only because it is the quickiest in terms of time, but also because it grants low costs.

In the international business relationships often the foreign debtor – holding himself “sheltered” in his own country – simply does not pay since he believes too demanding for the creditor to commence a recovery proceedings abroad.

Therefore, sometimes, it is sufficient a letter from an Attorney of the debtor’s country to convince him to pay.
This phase is also suitable for the Clients who do not know whether their debtor is insolvent and for this reason they do not wish to commit themselves in a legal action.

Our Law Firm offers to the Client the possibility to activate out of court proceedings to recover the credit: letter of complaint, letter of default, correspondence with the debtor, drafting instalments plan of payment, debt novation etc


Should the phase out of court be fruitless, we advise and represent the Client in the credit recovery in court, commencing legal actions against the debt or both in Poland and Italy.

It is also possible – if the Client provides adequate evidence of his credit – begin the simplified proceedings to obtain quickly an Order of payment and oblige the debtor to fulfil.

Moreover, as regards the more complex cases, it is possible to start ordinary proceedings before the Courts of Italy and Poland.

Needless to say, we defend the Client not only in the course of litigation, but also for the enforcement of the judgement, namely when the decisions of the court are enforced with respect to counterparty, by means of foreclosure, auctions etc.


For the individual or the companies wanting to resolve amicably the disputes by means of arbitration or mediation – governed by Italian, Polish or foreign law – we provide legal advice both as Attorneys and as lawyers supporting the foreign Attorney whom deals with Polish or Italian law.


Since 2015, the enforcement of sentences, order of payments and any other judgement- handed down by a Court of whichever Country of the European Union – has become faster than in the past, thanks to E.U. Regulations n. 1215/2012 (so-called Brussels I bis).

Before the introduction of the mentioned Regulations, the recognition and the enforcement of an Italian sentence in Poland followed a clumsy procedure, so that the debtor could “entrench” in his Country relying on the “red tape”. Nowadays the European Law allows for the direct enforcement any kind of judgement in every and each European country.

For this reason we provide our advice on enforcement – on the whole territory of the Republic of Poland – both of judgements issued by Polish Courts and judgements handed down by Italian or European Courts, assisting the Client and the Professional in the preliminary steps of the enforcement, in the foreclosure, the auction and in the closing phase of the procedure.


In addition to the advice for litigations, we provide our professionalism in custom-designed consultancy for the Client, who needs an expert eye to analyse a legal issue.

Our experience taught us that usually in his international business the Client needs the support of a lawyer who may suggest him which steps to take, allow him not to be unprepared, and not “make him feel lost” in a different legal system, also to prevent future problems and avoidable disputes.

Therefore we advise companies, entrepreneurs, private citizens and professionals, inter alia, in drafting contracts and agreements, in preparing and analysing documents for the Polish and Italian Public Administration, in drafting legal opinions and memoranda, and much more.


Our law Firm deals also with the start-up of companies in Poland, offering to the Italian and foreign entrepreneur the possibility to set up or move his business activity on the shores of Vistula river.

Poland’s outstanding economic charm for the foreign entrepreneur is also granted by the flexible instruments offered by the commercial law.

For instance is now possible set up online a limited company (pol. sp. z o.o.) within 24 hours with limited costs compared to European standard.

For this reason we support the Client who wishes to establish a company in Poland by dealing with the setting up procedure, the registration with the corporations register, the management of the business on the legal point of view (employment contracts, business contracts and agreements, relationship with the Public administration) and optimisation of taxation in Poland and abroad.


We hold that the relationship with our Clients must be transparent from the beginning,
We want the Client to know what to expect, without unpleasant suprises.
Being aware that the Client comes from a different legal culture, we want his case to be managed according to a procedure that assures reciprocal trust throughout carrying out our activity.
We firmly believe that costs and expenses must be clear and certain and that the preliminary analysis of the case and related documents must be totally free.








Why us? Because we are a group of Italian and Polish attorneys who can take on and analyse the problems from both perspectives, leaving nothing to improvisation.

Because we are motivated to take care of the Client, making available our human and professional experience.

Because before providing a service, we offer clarity, transparency and trust.

Because we have worked in an international environment and we know rhythms and procedures of foreign legal cases.

And, have not we been convincing yet, please send us your query through the section Contacts, or call one of the indicated phone numbers and evaluate us from our answers.


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